• /products/speech-pictures-span-analysis-therapy-span
    SLPs help others reach the top one step at a time.

    Instruct step-by-step placement for speech sounds.

  • /products/demystify-the-tongue-tie
    This ‘lil cutie-pie can lick his cone… sadly, some can’t.

    What are the consequences of a tethered tongue? Char’s NEW book demystifies and details treatment for the "Tongue Tie".

  • /pages/char-s-schedule
    SLPs like the challenge of a moving target. Like, the mouth.

    Learn techniques to help it move better! Attend Char’s Comprehensive Articulation Courses.

  • /products/the-key-to-carryover
    It’s frustrating when speech sound carryover is juuust out of reach.

    The Key to Carryover is here!

  • /products/max-mouth
    When showing others, wouldn't it be helpful to have a mouth you could put your hand INTO?

    The “MAX Mouth” is the ticket to seeing and feeling speech sounds.

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