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Speaking Tongues are Actively Braced 0

PROOF: “Results indicate that tongue bracing [lateral margin stabilization] is both pervasive and active in running speech and essential in understanding tongue movement control.”
  • Charlotte Boshart

A Remarkable Method to Lift the Front-Tongue (for ALL Front-Tongue Sounds) 0

Do you want to know how to lift and move for a good /s/?  Here’s the answer:  Contract the mid-tongue.  Mid-tongue contraction (a tongue bowl) lifts the front-tongue. 

  • Charlotte Boshart

Valentine's Day is on its Way! 0

Greetings Fellow SLP!

Valentine’s Day is next week!  If you do therapy themes that coordinate with holidays, but you are limited in time to pull them together, I have a suggestion for you. 

  • Charlotte Boshart

Part 3: Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy 0

Greetings R-Therapist!

The key to generating a good /r/ is to first address all the /r/ production components:  The Placement, the Lingual Tension, and the Resonance Chamber (See R-Therapy Parts 1 and 2).

  • Charlotte Boshart

Part 2: Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy 0

Do you do a Back-up /r/ or a Retroflex /r/ in your own speech? 

The easiest way to figure it out is to observe your front-tongue.  Grab a mirror if you have one handy, or, just close your eyes; think, feel, and 

  • Charlotte Boshart

Hot Tips for Successful "R" Therapy (Part 1) 0

Greetings Fellow R-Therapist!

If you work with children who have a distorted /r/, the following may be the most valuable and critically important strategy you’ll ever use.  

  • Charlotte Boshart