Demystify the Tongue Tie!


Enter the tongue tie.

A tongue tie—a taut connector of skin under the tongue—constricts tongue movement, sometimes dramatically. Imagine trying to talk with your tongue anchored to the floor of your mouth. Seems almost impossible, right? A tongue tie can be one of the most debilitating, detrimental, and frustrating of all oral differences. Not only can it affect speech, but eating and swallowing saliva as well. A tongue tie can also cause dental malocclusions and periodontal problems, and create many unpleasant social consequences for those who have one.

However, there are individuals who do just fine. Why and how are they able to compensate? In my book, Demystify the Tongue Tie, I aim to give clarity to this controversy and help my readers discover the three primary oral characteristics to look for in successful tongue tie therapy.

Demystify the Tongue Tie is an extensive, easy-to-read book that answers all the important questions about the tongue tie. This handy book covers specific techniques for conducting a complete analysis and making informed decisions about treatment options. In fact, an entire chapter is devoted to treatment. In Demystify the Tongue Tie, you’ll learn several effective exercises to actually stretch the frenum and avoid surgery altogether!

Those with a tongue tie are often overlooked in speech-language pathology and special education. But it doesn't have to be that way. Together, we can demystify the tongue tie and learn to deal with it decisively and effectively.

Demystify the Tongue Tie is now available as a new STAR Series book in paperback or eBook form. Bulk orders are also available for educators and convention organizers. Buy your copy today!

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  • Charlotte Boshart
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