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The First Step-by-Step Therapy Program That (almost) Does Your Therapy for You!  And it Works!

Alexis, a fourth grader, couldn’t say /r/ no matter how hard she tried.  Lips rounded, chin tucked down and back, tongue placed somewhere.  “Uuu, auu, uhh”.  Nope.  And she’s been trying since second grade.

Thankfully, over the past few months Alexis has made improvement.  She’s coming out of her shell, participating in class, and making friends.  And, yes, she’s saying her /r/ just like everybody else.

What made the difference?  The Easy R.  A revolutionary R Therapy Program designed exclusively for you, the busy therapist. 

This comprehensive approach gives you exactly what you need to remediate your r-kids within months, not years.  Each lesson sequences the activities so you know exactly what to do each time:

  • Lessons 1-5: Specialized Oral Prep tasks
  • Lesson 6: Six pages of R-Stim Techniques
  • Lessons 7-9: Stabilization activities to build-in the movement patterns, and
  • Lesson 10-12: Carryover Strategies to finalize the R prior to the pizza party.

Also, and just as important, every R-question you’ve ever had is answered with new, practical information, succinctly covered within the first 89 pages.  Why do R-kids round their lips (and what to do about it)? What's the difference between a Back-up /r/ and a Retroflex /r/ (and which one should I teach)? Etc.!

The Easy R is about much more than game playing.

  • It’s about releasing the knots in your stomach because your therapy is planned and ready. 
  • It’s about the shared excitement over the improvement you hear every time you see the child.  
  • It’s about the quiet confidence you feel in knowing you’re doing quality, personalized therapy.  
  • It’s about the warmth of contribution of directly impacting a child’s development.  
  • It’s about savoring mutual hugs and ear-to-ear smiles.

At the risk of being melodramatic, when you apply The Easy R techniques, you’re not just doing a “type of therapy.”  You’re improving lives…your kid’s and yours!  Here's what you get:

  • You receive The Easy R hard copy book, and (as if that isn’t enough),
  • You immediately receive--in YOUR EMAIL--a downloadable PDF of ALL 45 FORMS. Duplicate clean, colored copies for you and your kids ‘til your heart’s content!

Written by Char Boshart who has worked with hundreds of children with “r” distortions.  She has spent over twenty years studying the /r/ and honing-in on the best therapy techniques.  Be among the first to benefit from her expertise!



Rather have a more condensed version?  Then How to Remediate R is for you!


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