The Myofunctional Evaluation

Product Description

by Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

Would you like an organized, sequential, thorough way to evaluate your myofunctional cases?  This 58 page eBook provides you with the procedures and background information to evaluate with confidence and proficiently interpret your cases’ individual needs.

Char takes you through step-by-step sequential evaluation techniques.  Learn to expertly assess oral resting postures, respiratory concerns, as well as oral-facial hard tissue (dentition, dental arch, etc.) and soft tissue development (tonsils, lingual frenum, etc.).  Special instructions are provided for analyzing the oral-stage of swallowing.

Within each section are details of exactly what to do, the rationale behind each activity, and suggestions for what to do with the results. If you work with myofunctional cases, this evaluation tool is a must!

eBook  #EMEVAL

Price:  $19.95

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