About Char

Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist 

Char Boshart is a speech-language pathologist, author, seminar presenter,  and president and co-founder of Speech Dynamics, Inc.

She earned her Master’s degree from Western Michigan University under  the extraordinary tutelage of Dr. Charles Van Riper, the father of articulation  therapy, during the final years of his illustrious career.

Char began her own career in the early 1970’s with a caseload of more than 110 public school children. She worked for decades in public schools, before building and operating her own private practice. She then went on to serve as an Assistant Professor and Department Chair of the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department at Loma Linda University in Southern California for seven years.  She currently works and resides in the mountain of North Georgia.

“A little bit about me as a therapist…

I’ve been in schools with no phones and had to hunt for every child, for every therapy session, every day.  I’ve been up-chucked on (I’ll never forget it; it happened at Waterloo Elementary….).  I’ve double booked parent meetings.  I’ve judged the Spelling Bee (I have no recollection of that on my Job Description; oh wait, I didn’t have one).  I participated in the talent show (as a performer—talk about a train wreck).  I’ve had 10 minutes to get a report done, and did, somehow.  I’ve sat down at the therapy table with four kids and panicked because I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with them.  I’ve forgotten kid’s names.  A drop of a child’s saliva actually landed on my lip (eeek!).  I’ve worked (or tried to) with toddlers and pre-schoolers who wouldn’t engage no matter what, and I felt guilty cause I wasn’t helping them.  I’ve had a hundred kids on my caseload with four schools and no life.  Looking back, however, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Char's interest in creating effective therapy techniques has evolved into the development of several practical articulation publications, videos (articulation and language), and articles, such as:

  • The Easy R (A Sound-Solutions Series Book)
  • The Key to Carryover (a STAR Series Book)
  • Demystifying the Tongue Tie (a STAR Series Book)
  • 22 of My Favorite Tools and How to Use Them (a STAR Series Book)
  • Speech Pictures!
  • Oral-Facial Illustrations and Reference Guide
  • Boshart's Speech Practice CD Set
  • The Deep Screening Probes
  • The Myofunctional Evaluation
  • Swalloworks Therapy Program

Char Boshart shares her practical articulation and language therapy procedures nationally through Bureau of Education and Research (BER) seminars, video seminars through SpeechTherapypd.com, Speech Dynamics workshops and on-site inservices, and state conventions. Her decades of experience and innovative therapy systems make her an invaluable speaker for speech-language pathology and special education departments around the world.

To book Char for your next conference or on-site inservice, email her or call 951-315-2145. Her schedule fills up quickly, so act now!