Char's On-Site Workshops

Bring Char to you!  An on-site “inservice” is an informative and cost-effective way for every SLP in your workplace or geographic region to receive educational training all at once. The date, topic, and location are up to you.

Char also speaks at state conventions and meetings. Call 951-315-2145 or email Char at to reserve your spot!


One and Two Day Courses

  • Articulation therapy with children 5+ years of age, and
  • Language therapy, K to 6
  • Language therapy, K to 6 (NEW COURSE: emphaisis on narrative instruction)

Collaborate with Another Organization

Frequently, two or more organizations, such as school districts, hospitals, or centers, etc., combine forces and jointly sponsor an on-site “inservice” with Char. This is a great idea and Char is happy to help you coordinate your own collaborative workshop—just ask!

Continuing Education Units

If you are an approved ASHA provider or are co-sponsoring with one, each of your attendee receives .5 ASHA CEUs for a one-day, and 1.0 ASHA CEUs for a two-day workshop.  There is typically an ASHA co-sponsor fee.

Number of Attendees

There is no minimum or maximum number of attendees.

Length of a Workshop

One- or two-day workshops are standard, although additional days can be scheduled. Customarily, five hours of information is covered in a one-day inservice; and 10 hours of information is covered in a two-day workshop.

We advise a substantial lead-time—good dates do fill quickly!

Call or email Char Boshart for inquiries and to reserve your workshop date.