Complete "S" Remediation Therapy (3 hours)

By Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

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3-Hour Video Course; .3 ASHA CEUs

Course Description:

The so called ‘simple’ frontal lisp isn’t always simple, and neither is the lateral, that’s for sure. Sometimes they’re quite challenging.

In this extensive three-hour course therapy is emphasized, from beginning to end, including carryover for both the frontal and lateral sibilants.

In some cases, there are accompanying factors that make complete remediation difficult. We’ll cover techniques for cases that have abnormal oral resting postures, or excessively large tonsils, or even an anterior open bite.  You’ll learn to analyze these oral obstructers, and more, and how to do compensation therapy to work with them and around them.


Upon completion of this course, your will be able to:

  • Describe the five production elements of the /s/ speech sound.
  • List the five similarities and differences of the frontal /s/ and lateral /s/ and describe the therapy components.
  • Demonstrate at least three of the sequential therapy tasks for the /s/ speech sound.
  • List the three categories of oral resting posture therapy, and briefly describe them.
  • Name three oral structural differences and how they can potentially impact speech production.

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