Free Therapy Forms

These useful speech and language therapy forms are free for you to download and print individually for your own personal use. Please Contact Char for questions and comments!

Infants & iPads, Toddlers and Touch Screens PowerPoint

I recently gave a BER Conference Keynote on this very subject.  Several SLPs have requested a copy of the PowerPoint to use at their workplace.  Here ya go!  I changed the title slide and omitted the last slide, but otherwise it is the exact version of the PowerPoint that I used.  I am working on an article on this subject.  When it's done, I'll post in on my Blog (on this site).  Good luck to you, and thank you for your interest in this very important topic.

Common Core Standards:  Language Arts

Organized in four sections: Speaking and Listening, Language, Vocabulary, and Reading. Listed by grade levels, K-5


Apps from Char's Language Course (2013-14)

There are a lot of apps listed here: artic apps, language apps, turn-taking apps, interactive whiteboard apps, creating stories apps, alphabet and early literacy apps, drawing/art apps, stuttering, and alternative communication apps. This list was compiled in August, 2013, so there are a gazillion more apps that have been created since then.  If you use one that is not listed, that you and your kids really like, please feel free to pass it along. I'll share it with other SLPs. It's true that we do need to pare-down the list to the most beneficial ones, but if you do thematic language instruction then having a nice long list to choose from can be helpful!


Reality School Speech-Language Pathologist Job Description

Did you ever get a job description when you signed on? No? Me neither. So I wrote one. Some of it even comes close to the truth!


All About Me! Book

This is a cute book for therapy with upper elementary-aged kids. Use it as an "over time" activity, e.g. do one time per month over the course of the school year. Toward the end of the year, ask the child to give an "oral presentation" about himself/herself.  


Simile Squares

Similes are a great tool to teach vocabulary. I came across a great similes list and put them in "card" format. Use them with any activity you like.


Semantic Gradients

Semantic Gradients are not for the faint of heart. They are great to do after your kids have learned the meaning of the words. Teach the following "Terms for Synonyms" and then tackle the Gradients--a great therapeutic activity!


Terms for Synonyms

Listed in alphabetical order (by the first antonym word), these are excellent Becks Tier 2 words for kids in second grade and older. Gives them a great depth of knowledge and word usage. Use with the Semantic Gradients.


How to Ask Questions

Sometimes our language kids balk (or at best shy away from) answering questions. Perhaps they don't know the answers and feel put on the spot. Not good! Apply some of the items on this list of Questions Options--I think you'll see a change in your kids expressive participation!


Teacher Interview

Print several of these and put them on your clipboard (along with your therapy schedule and blank pieces of paper) and you'll have them handy as a teacher grabs your attention and wants to share information about a "new kid."  You'll be at-the-ready with your questions. A great way to document baseline information.


Phonetic Context Probe (PCP)

Great little one-pager to probe sound context productions. Use to determine which combinations to practice.


Categories List

Like to teach vocabulary via categories?  Me too; it provides the kids associations for learning.  This list includes Level 1 and Level 2 category topics.  Then, for specific words, go to


Action Words List

Two pages of Tier 2 words to teach your elementary kids.


Speech Homework Tally Sheet

I think you'll enjoy the newly revised Speech Homework Tally Sheet. Kids and parents find it easier to understand what to do and where to "check," and you, the SLP, have more room to write the assignments. It is formatted in a "two-up" fashion, i.e., duplication of 50 copies yields 100.

Suggestion: Take it down to Office Depot or Staples and ask them to make each one into NCR-2. You'll then have a white, top copy for the child to take home, and you'll be able to keep the yellow "carbon copy" for your records. It makes it much easier to keep tabs and records of what you ask them to do!