“R” Solutions:
From Capability to Carryover (3-hours)

By Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

This 3-hour video course is available at SpeechTherapypd.com.  Earn ASHA CEUs in the comfort of your own home!

3-Hour Video Course; .3 ASHA CEUs

Course Description:

Most children and adults who distort the /r/ production, form the sound with labored puckered lips and a lowered, relaxed tongue.  So just why do they do that?  And what’s an SLP to do to counteract these characteristics and replace the inaccurate sound with a desirable /r/ that generalizes with ease?

In this 3-hour course—“R” Solutions:  From Capability to Carryover—you’ll discover how to apply practical, little known /r/-facts critical not only in analysis, but also to formulating a good /r/ and organizing a remediation process that clearly sequences your therapy from capability strategies to carryover completion.

Course Objectives:

You will learn to apply practical analysis and therapy procedures regarding:

  • Critical components of the back-up /r/ and retroflex /r/.
  • The analysis process of the distorted “R”.
  • Causal factors and how to therapeutically compensate for them.
  • New /r/ “stim” techniques.
  • How to sequence specific capability tasks that leads to the desirable /r/--even for the tough cases.
  • How to effectively solidify the new /r/ production and achieve generalization.

This course includes a complete 35 page handout that can be printed and used for your note-taking and reference.

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