Systematic Frontal & Lateral “S” Remediation

By Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

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3-Hour Video Course; .3 ASHA CEUs

Course Description:

Although considered by some to be simple articulation errors, frontal and lateral sibilants can certainly pose a remediation challenge, even for the best SLP.

Just how do you get the tongue back, encourage it to remain in place, and generate complete carryover? Some kids seem to move into placement and generalization fairly easily, but others don’t. Why is that?

Char’s comprehensive 3-hour online video course—Systematic Frontal & Lateral “S” Remediation”—provides practical answers to these concerns as well as many other troublesome therapy questions.

You’ll learn practical, systematic techniques to help you quickly and easily:

  • Apply personalized and effective methods for children with frontal and lateral speech sounds.
  • Maximize your time, effort, and expertise to achieve results and reduce your caseload.
  • Formulate personalized start-to-finish therapy sequences with proven results.
  • Reach all elementary, middle, and high school children.
  • Overcome even the toughest and most challenging cases.

Course Objectives:

You’ll learn:

  • To analyze /s/ from a physiological perspective.
  • Sequential capability-based tasks that incorporate all of the /s/ production elements.
  • How to effectively establish, solidify, and generalize a correct /s/.
  • The three phases of changing oral resting postures—a critical key to carryover.

This course tackles the most difficult oral production obstacles with /s/ kids, for example:

  • Why large tonsils can influence tongue position, and what to do about it.
  • Why a restrictive lingual frenum can pose production problems.
  • Why a narrow dental arch can inhibit that “hissy” /s/ that we all know and strive for.
  • Why the shape of the face can impact /s/ production placement.
  • The answers to some of these queries may surprise you—but they may also hold the essential secrets to remediating that /s/-resistant child that you’ve been struggling with.

Char clearly explains the step-by-step therapy strategies. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll feel more confident and armed with systematic therapy techniques to fix your kids.

Systematic Frontal and Lateral "S" Remediation includes a complete 42 page Handout that can be printed and used for reference and note-taking.

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