Oral-Facial Illustrations and Reference Guide

Product Description

By Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

Illustrations by Akie Hayashi

In therapy, child-friendly visuals can help demonstrate and illustrate a therapy concept, where just words can’t.  In this book, you have access to

  • Over 80 authentic and easy-to-interpret oral-facial illustrations,
  • Contrasting normal and abnormal oral structures and functions, and
  • Visual images to ensure that your child understands your instructions.

Practical pages of accompanying explanations of the visuals conveniently describe the mouth and speech sound productions.

Use the illustrations and reference pages in therapy or as instruction references for parents and teachers.

Following are the topics within this ebook:

  • The Lips and Oral Cavity
  • The Tongue and Frenum
  • Dental Eruption Timeline
  • Dental Malocclusions
  • The Hard and Soft Palates
  • The Pharynx and Tonsils
  • Facial Shapes and Oral Resting Postures
  • Tongue Placement for Speech Sounds
  • And MORE! 

A picture is worth a thousand words…maybe more during therapy when you need.  Hundreds of SLPs have used the Oral-Facial Illustrations and Reference Guide in their therapy—and love its helpful practicality.  Includes 60+ color and black and white illustrations.


Price:  $19.95

This is an immediate-use (pdf) e-book that can be downloaded, printed, and used in your therapy tomorrow.



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