Demystify the Tongue Tie

Product Description

Methods to Confidently Analyze & Treat a Tethered Tongue

By Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

If you’ve ever had a child with a tongue tie you’ll recall (no doubt with frustration) just how influential—and detrimental to speech production—that taut little piece of skin can be. Because of the restrictive tongue frenum the child may not only have speech differences, delays and oral fatigue, but perhaps

  • Eating issues
  • Saliva management issues
  • Dental malocclusions
  • Dental arch collapse
  • Periodontal problems
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Social consequences, and
  • Language development issues.

This extensive, easy-to-read STAR Series book covers everything you need to do a comprehensive analysis and make an informed decision about treatment options.

In addition to becoming knowledgeable on the types of surgeries, you’ll learn several effective exercises to stretch the frenum and avoid surgery altogether. Moreover, there is an entire chapter devoted to “treatment”.

Also included is the comprehensive 4-page Analysis of the Lingual Frenum (ALF) and a Referral Letter example.

You get 145 pages in all to help you effectively deal with the tongue tie, and make someone else's life much easier and happier!

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